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Bujar et al 2020 – A Process for Evaluating Quality Decision-Making Practices

Background: The development of a medicine is not only underpinned by good science but also by Quality Decision-Making Practices (QDMPs). Indeed, it is important to ensure that all organisations [...]

Bujar et al 2020 – Documentation of Quality Decision-Making Practices

Background: Pharmaceutical companies and regulatory agencies endeavor to relate their decision making with outcomes to improve future decision making and to ensure that gained knowledge is fed back into [...]

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Bujar et al 2019 – Quality decision making in Health Technology Assessment

Background: To evaluate the quality of the decision-making processes of pharmaceutical companies during medicines development for evidence generation to support reimbursement of new medicines and the appraisal recommendation decision-making process [...]

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Bujar et al 2019 – Reliability and relevance of a decision-making instrument

Introduction: The Quality of Decision-Making Orientation Scheme (QoDoS) was developed to provide organisations involved in submission, approval and reimbursement of new medicines with a tool to improve the quality [...]

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Quality decision-making practices

This book compiles the presentations and syndicate discussions from a CIRS workshop that brought together representatives from international pharmaceutical companiesand regulatory authorities from Europe, US, Canada and Australia and [...]

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CIRS RD Briefing 61: Building quality into decision-making processes

In 2015, CIRS initiated a programme in Quality Decision Making with the following aims: Evaluate the current decision-frameworks and understand the characteristics of different decision-making processes Assess the quality [...]

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