Research strategy 2021-2023

CIRS sets its three-year research strategy with formal input from the Scientific Advisory Council (SAC) and HTA Steering Committee, as well as ad hoc feedback from companies and agencies. Our 2021-2023 programme, which will be achieved through workshops, fora and research projects, is grouped into three strategic themes:

Globalisation/regionalisation, reliance, trust

This theme is focused upon how organisations are evolving in order to ensure sustainability in terms of approval/access to new medicines. As well as ensuring a performance management culture, this theme incorporates a number of inter-related aspects such as regulatory strengthening, re-imagined regulatory frameworks and the alignment of regulatory and HTA.

Outcome metrics

CIRS has the experience of benchmarking metrics going back decades and this theme aims to continue and extend that solid foundation. This will contain outcome measures as well as the identification and codification of metrics to measure impact. A key focus for 2021-2023 will be developing and utilising metrics on efficiency and effectiveness of process and patient involvement in regulatory and reimbursement decision making.

New ways of working

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only challenged regulatory and HTA systems globally to work in new ways but has also accelerated changes in the digital space. We will examine these new ways of working across industry, regulatory and HTA with an emphasis on digital – notably evidence generation (real world data/evidence), the Cloud and digital health – and new product focus including advanced therapeutic medicinal products.

Find out more about our work and plans for 2023 in the CIRS Agenda.

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