About us

The Centre for Innovation in Regulatory Science (CIRS) is a neutral, scientific and independently run global forum for policy leaders from government regulators, health technology assessment (HTA) agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, and other stakeholders in healthcare, such as patient organisations and academia. We serve patients, agencies and medical developers by focusing on improvements in policies and processes for regulation and HTA. CIRS also supports the development of agency capacity, including in low- and middle-income countries.

The CIRS team works internationally and is headquartered in the UK. CIRS works collaboratively with stakeholders worldwide, runs research projects internationally and conducts meetings globally to feed into and build on this research. Organisationally, CIRS is a wholly owned and independently managed UK subsidiary of Clarivate, with our funding derived from membership dues, special projects and grants from non-profits and governments.

Our mission

To maintain a leadership role in identifying and applying scientific principles for the purpose of advancing regulatory and health technology assessment (HTA) policies and processes in developing and facilitating access to pharmaceutical products.

What makes us unique

What sets us apart is our ability to facilitate safe harbour discussions between multiple stakeholders involved in drug development and patient access to medicines. CIRS meetings are usually small, focused and build on discussions from previous meetings to enable continuous evolution of a topic. They also include breakout sessions, which are key to producing recommendations to help effect change.

We are also evidence-driven and transparent in our work. The data we collect are used to support our workshops and we endeavour to make these publicly available through peer-reviewed journals or our R&D Briefings.

Our small but dedicated team strive to ensure that the needs and priorities of our stakeholders are at the heart of CIRS activities. Our door is always open to new ideas and suggestions that fit with our mission.

Who we work with

Member pharma companies
Regulatory authorities
HTA and coverage bodies

Find out more

Read about our research plans for 2024-2026 in the CIRS Research Agenda.

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