CIRS RD Briefing 74 – OpERA programme

CIRS has collected regulatory assessment data for over 20 years, initially with ICH and ICH-observing countries. The OpERA programme, “Optimising Efficiencies in Regulatory Agencies (OpERA)”, was initiated through CIRS [...]

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Keyter et al 2019 – Evaluation of the performance of the South African regulatory agency

Background: Timely access to new medicines may be addressed through strengthening of registration efciencies and timelines by establishing and refning value-added registration processes, resources, and systems. The aims of [...]

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Keyter et al 2019 – South African Medicines Control Council: Comparison of Its Registration Process

Introduction: Comparisons between regulatory authorities of similar size and regulatory characteristics facilitate value-added benchmarking and provide insight into regulatory performance. Such comparisons highlight areas for improvement as authorities move [...]

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