We’re delighted to present our latest Annual Report, which provides a summary of the projects, publications, multi-stakeholder workshops and Technical Fora from Regulatory and HTA workstreams undertaken in 2023. The report also includes a focused look at our agency benchmarking metrics work over the years and the impact this has had within the pharmaceutical landscape.

2023 was particularly rich, with many activities to close off our 2021-2023 Research Agenda and at the same time a lot of co-development work to shape our 2024-2026 Research Agenda. This strategic planning was a comprehensive process, beginning with the Topic Groups initiative, which engaged representatives from member companies, regulatory and HTA agencies, and academic institutions. These groups provided invaluable contributions, suggesting targeted research initiatives that align with our overarching goals in patient engagement, the utilisation of expedited pathways in regulatory and the impact this has on HTA, and the enhancement of our metrics collection. The outcomes of this exercise are detailed within the pages of this report.

Our year in numbers