We recently presented key findings from our latest R&D Briefing in a webinar on ‘Approaches to Implementing Regulatory Reliance: Considerations for Agencies’. The webinar was attended by over 200 people and facilitated by Pharma Group Vietnam.

In the webinar, we discussed:

  • Risk-based review routes in five ASEAN countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines), Australia and Saudi Arabia, including strengths, challenges and enablers
  • Measuring the impact of reliance on timelines, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Strategic considerations and proposed methodologies for effectively implementing reliance.

A recording of this webinar is available here.

Thank you to everyone that attended and to Pharma Group Vietnam for supporting the logistics of this webinar.

If you have any questions on this study or other CIRS regulatory studies, please get in touch with Dr Magda Bujar: mbujar@cirsci.org