This workshop was part of a series of global development workshops that brought together mature and maturing regulatory agencies. These workshops successively built on one another and evolved from focusing on review efficiency (“doing things right” e.g. time taken to approve a new medicine) to review effectiveness (“doing the right things” e.g. number of approvals within target timelines or utilising correct pathways/tools). The use of reliance models was a common theme across these workshops, as agencies looked to leverage other agencies’ reviews to conserve resources (find out more about CIRS’ work to promote reliance in our 2020 Annual Report).

Workshop objectives

  • Discuss what is required beyond measuring just time to understand a regulatory authorities’ performance and how this can be utilised by agencies to improve their effectiveness.
  • Identify comparative measures of effectiveness that could allow for cross agency learning.
  • Make recommendations on a common set of key indicators across authorities that could be used as a measure of effectiveness.