2014 Activities Schedule

Meetings (Gears)
Date Workshop/Forum/Discussion Meeting
22 January 5th Annual Regulators Forum, Lima, Peru
23-24 January Workshop: Focus on Latin America: Building quality submissions and review processes and practices- Overcoming challenges and meeting expectations, Lima, Peru
2-3 April Workshop: Patient’s, industry and agencies’ assessment of benefits and harms and their relative importance: how should they be captured? Surrey, UK
30 May HTA Agency Discussion Meeting, Montreal, Canada
12-13 June

Workshop:  Benefit-risk assessment in the post-approval period: How to ensure a life-cycle approach to evaluating benefits and harms of medicines, Washington, DC, USA

30 September HTA Agency  Industry Special Topic Forum, London, UK
1-2 October Workshop: Medicines adaptive pathways: A practical strategy to improve patient access to medicines? London, UK
11-12 November Emerging Markets Industry Discussion Meeting, Heathrow, UK
13 November

HTA Industry Discussion Meeting, Heathrow, UK

2-3 December Workshop: How is the value proposition driving the development and reimbursement process in major markets? What are the strategies and practical steps companies can take in development? Canada
5 December

Technical Forum:  A 3-year overview of advances in benefit-risk assessments, Philadelphia, PA