2015 Activities Schedule

Meetings (Gears)
Date Workshop/Forum/Discussion Meeting
1 February 6th Annual Regulators Forum, Chinese Taipei
2-3 February Workshop: Workshop: Utilisation of a common benefit-risk framework: Can it facilitate decision making and improve communication within and across agencies? Chinese Taipei
11-12 June

Workshop:  Exploring approaches to decision making, Washington, DC, USA

7-8 October Workshop: Patient’s role in informing the decision process for approval and reimbursement of new medicines, UK
17 November Emerging Markets Industry Discussion Meeting, Heathrow, UK
18 November Global Development Technical Forum, Heathrow, UK
19 November

HTA Industry Discussion Meeting, Heathrow, UK

20 November Workshop: HTA Technical Forum: How does the effective use of various kinds of scientific advice support access success, Heathrow, UK