CIRS Agenda_2015

HTA and Market Access Programme

As HTA assessments inform and influence market access, the need to identify the factors that can be built into early medicine development, conducted in concert with regulatory requirements, and that characterise the value of new therapies will be the focus of this track.

Strategic Mission

  • Recognition of CIRS as an independent, science-driven neutral platform allows us to build trust among stakeholders as the key to facilitating best practice.
  • CIRS research experience and methodologies developed and validated in the regulatory arena are applied to the HTA environment to improve transparency, predictability and efficiency.
  • CIRS promotes the alignment of technical requirements and methodologies to improve efficiencies, applying transparent and predictable science-based approaches to decision making that seeks to reward innovation and facilitate access to new medicines


  • International Workshops facilitate networking, constructive discussion, recommendations and actions.
  • Industry-supplied and publicly available data are collated by CIRS into informative HTA performance measures, which enable contextualisation of review procedures across various jurisdictions.
  • The Regulatory & Reimbursement Atlas systematically maps regulatory review to reimbursement in individual countries.
  • Surveys and other research focus on specific areas of Interest within pharmaceutical regulation, HTA and government affairs.
  • Insight seminars for member companies and meetings with HTA agencies centre on HTA programme research outcomes.
  • Technical fora concentrate on timely topics of special interest to industry.
HTA Programme

Understanding HTA processes and decision making at the local level enables comparison between jurisdictions and provide insight into the predictability, consistency and timeliness of HTA review.